The Niche Marketing

Marley My name is Marley. I work at the Niche Marketing Group and I have been there since I was a mere pup. As Head Dog of Security I am on duty 24/7 (I must talk to my union rep regarding these crazy hours). My main responsibility is to provide balance in the office and help create a more Zen atmosphere. Often this is a challenge and too often very much needed. It sure can get hectic here especially when a shipment arrives! My job is to pretend that I MUST go for a walk immediately even though I am usually perfectly fine to just chill.

I am a very flexible and versatile employee and periodically I am called to work in our lab to test a new Fresh Wave product. This is not my favourite job as Fresh Wave always eliminates my previous work of rolling in intoxicating fields of aroma that were created by my dog friends and raccoon buddies. Even my favourite elixir “Odour Skunk” cannot withstand a blast of Fresh Wave.

Anyway… here is who we are and what we do:

The Niche Marketing Group is a wholesale distribution company that imports unique and functional products from The United Sates and abroad.
My owner started as a home based company in 2004 with the goal of providing the Canadian consumer with quality products that were reasonably priced.  She also wanted our merchandise to be selective so if you are giving or receiving one of our products, you feel that you are getting something new, different, and special. Our products are sold across Canada in independent retail stores.

Thank you for visiting our web page and I hope that you will try our products either by going to our web store or by letting us direct you to a retail outlet near you. Me? I am back to the lab. Word is that there is another new product for me to try from Fresh Wave – ugh!

Marley Marley (co-penned by S. Marley)
The Niche Marketing Group